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I'm not sure how this writeup originally got here, but since I'm too lazy to call deletion on myself, and don't particularly think this node was entirely without merit, as it does (and I don't know how I got all this information on the video when I was in my first year in college, and don't think I had it with me) explain the events that take place in the video, which is:

Flight of the Skajaquada: A music video by the world's first video only band: Green Jelloy

The musical interlude took place in the orginal video as a fight was staged between an angry snowman, and The Skajaquada, as far as I can tell. I don't even remember who won the fight, but I note this as I'm not sure how avidly the average purveyor of Everything enjoyed this band enough to go out and buy the Cereal Killer video.

Anyway, the video is set up with a Snowman telling the story to a group of 'college kids' (?) in a camp storytelling kind of setting. They all cringe at his words, and intermittently, they keep showing clips of a news broadcast where the anchor is 'accidentally' caught reading porn, and generally not knowing what's going on, while the crew out in the blizzard gets by and large, perturbed by his antics.

Anyway, after all this is done, the Skajaquada himself pops up in 'camp,' and the kids scatter while the snowman fights off the beast. Reading the lyrics sheet though, the Skajaquada sounds like a metaphor for my old Mazda 323, but that's beside any point I was in the process of making.

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