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The Floor Puller Toss is a Data Center Game in which players compete by attempting to land a floor puller on a specific floor tile and establish suction. The athlete with the best cumulative results after a predetermined number of tosses (often, ten) is the winner.

The first step is to designate the target tile and the tossing tile on the data center floor. This is often accomplished with electrical tape. The distance between the two tiles may vary but should be at least five tiles (ten feet).

The competitors, in turn, select their floor puller, take their place on the tossing tile, take careful aim for the target tile, and toss the puller through the air in an attempt to get it to land soundly -- suction side, down. The typical toss is a broad underhand lob that attempts to minimize flip and spin, attain some altitude, and drop right onto the target tile.

Each toss is scored individually and recorded. Each suction cup that adheres to the target tile is worth two points. Regardless of suction, if the floor puller ends movement on the target tile, with no part of the puller touching another tile, one point is scored. Thus, the maximum score for a single toss is five points. At the end of the event, the scores are totaled for each athlete and the winner announced. Gold medals are optional.

The difficulty (and danger) of the event can be increased by removing some combination of the floor tiles surrounding the target tile.

A proposed but untested variant of the Floor Puller Toss is to make the target a relatively smooth wall, perhaps the side of a server or rack. Some alternate scoring method would have to be used.

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