Plants. Succulent tubers, odorous evergreens, and slimy algae. Masters of chlorophyll! Supreme leaders of carbon dioxide exchange! Kings of your dinner table! They've done so much for us over the years, but can we as a species say that we've done very much to return the favor? The very least we can do during the month of March is attempt to educate our fellow meatsacks about the glory of trees, ferns, shrubs, roots, bushes, grasses, seaweeds, and so forth.

Think of all the magical things you can do with plants! You can make poisons, send a message to a lover, or eschew a carnivorous lifestyle. You can flatten out the pretty ones, burn them for warmth, or go snorkeling and get lost.

Get to it, noders! Sing the praises of a posy! Shout the splendor of a sequoia! Or just node a really good vegetarian recipe, that works too.

The Rules

  • The quest shall run from server midnight on March 1, 2011, to server midnight on March 31, 2011.
  • Every submission to FloraQuest that is still alive by the end of the quest shall earn 60 GP, courtesy of Mr. wertperch.
  • To be counted for the quest, you must message me, GhettoAardvark, with the name of your node. Hard- and softlinking your node to this one is encouraged.


  1. 2011 Garden Planner by StuartO)))
  2. Betony by RoboQuote
  3. bladderwrack by cassparadox
  4. bladderwort by Croakery
  5. buttercup by Oolong
  6. chicory by drownzsurf
  7. crocus sativus by momomom
  8. The Garden by Searogue
  9. Gardensquatting by Stavrogin
  10. ground elder by Oolong
  11. Holy Basil by Croakery
  12. horny goat weed by cassparadox
  13. Hydroponics by Croakery
  14. I can't stop drooling by Intentions
  15. Japanese Beetle by StuartO)))
  16. Kiss And Swallow by Intentions
  17. Maca by drownzsurf
  18. March 15, 2011 by StuartO)))
  19. Moss-rose by cassparadox
  20. Neem Oil by StuartO)))
  21. Overwintering hardy vegetables by momomom
  22. Papaver somniferum by misterfuffie
  23. Pirochian Fire Flower by Zephronias
  24. Reindeer lichen by cassparadox
  25. Sea nymph by cassparadox
  26. Water Garden by StuartO)))
  27. Wereshrub by Pandeism Fish
  28. Yew by Croakery

Thanks to Glowing Fish for this month's quest idea and Hopeless.Dreamer. for the title!

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