The Florida Bog frog (Rana okaloosae) is a member of Ranidae a.k.a. True Frogs.

The Bog Frog reaches a length of 2". They have rough dark green or brown backs. Their undersides are a mottled black. They have yellow throats, and may have light spots on the lower jaw. A light brown line runs along the lateral fold and does not reach the groin area. They will call from spring to summer with a call which sounds like a chuckle.

Habitat: The bog frog is normally restricted to Okaloosa County but may be let out on a day pass for good behavior. They prefer shallow, non-stagnant acid seeps or the shallow, boggy overflows of larger seepage streams, seepage slopes, or in flatwood areas. Apparently they hang out at Eglin Air Force Base, or more precisely the neighbouring Rocky Bayou aquatic preserve and Yellow River Marsh aquatic preserve.

Bog frogs are a "sensitive" species (proposed for federal endangered status), so permits (which are apparently required in Florida for trafficking in amphibians) are not provided for this species. It is the rarest frog or toad in the state.

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