The Florida keys are a group of Islands that extend 106 miles SSW into the Atlantic Ocean off the southern tip of Florida. The split the atlantic ocean from the Gulf of Mexico.They are mostly connected together by a single highway that runs from the very southern tip (key west) all the way to the state of Maine, US Highway 1. The Keys are diveded into 5 major sections; Key Largo, Islamorada, Marathon, Lower Keys, Key West. Although there are hundreds more smaller keys that make up the area to the south of florida. When mentioning the Florida Keys, one would be specificly talking about the chain on US 1. Some of the islands are full cities, with Hotels, resturaunts, post-offices, etc. Other islands are very small and may consist of only a few houses. The most famous key would probably be Key West, known home of Jimmy Buffett, and Ernest Hemingway. Other well know spots in the keys would be 7 mile Bridge. This is the only way on to Key West, and 3 mile Bridge, the separation between Long Key and Coral Key.

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