Footprints' new band name competition

The competition is now closed

The winning name is Dreaming Elephants.

The name decision process was as follows: All the names I received from E2 and otherwise were randomly put on a spreadsheet, and I sent it to 20 friends of varying interests, to try to get a good a sample as possible. Every person was asked to rate each name from 1 to 5 (with a 6 for an exceptional name). The results were added up and a few statistical analyses were performed, for example, how many people gave the name a 3 and above. The top 5 names were given to 10 more people, who were asked to chose their favorite and then it was a clear-cut decision. 9 out of 10 chose Dreaming Elephants. Other factors were going to be taken into consideration, for example if the domain name was taken, but there was no need. It received the highest score, and was the winner in almost every category. the strange thing (aren't they all?) was that the name actually came out of the band and we weren't sure how it would be received and had decided to discard it, but I just threw it in there at the last moment. Who would have thought? It was inspired by a book called Blue 2, by the way - a pop-up book.

I really wanted someone from E2 to win, but unfortunately it was not the case. Notable entries were Mad Methods by Apollyon, liveforever's Map Of Somewhere and The Custodian's Elevated Groove, which was the only name that got 2 6's (but only 6 gave it 3 and over).

Some of the names were really good and I want to thank everyone for taking part and helping me out. Also, please don't be disappointed if your name didn't win, I know that none of my top 5 favorites (all from E2, BTW) won either. Because so many names were really good, I will definitely use them in the future, either for an album title or for a song title, and if I do, I will send the name's author a signed CD. Also, because I feel really bad that nobody from here won, if you entered the competition and you see that we are performing near you, please let me know and I will hook you up with free tickets.

So here's the deal:

I have a new band, but I can't find a name for it. It's driving me crazy. We need a name soon because:

  1. We are recording a demo in three weeks. After that, we will send it to music festivals, clubs and radio stations, and it would be helpful if there was a name on the CD.
  2. I have secured gigs in October and November in 3 places, and I really need to give them a name.
  3. It's driving me nuts.
As E2 is the greatest place on earth, and was sort of a home away from home for me for a long time, and although I haven't been here a lot lately, it still holds a place in my heart, and as I know that some of you are the greatest writers and thinkers and innovators on the planet, (and yes, this sentence is coming to a conclusion), the solution to my worries quickly presented itself. Let me continue:

I am the band leader of this band. I play electric bass (fretless if anyone cares). The other instruments in the band are didgeridoo, keyboards and drums. The music is 100% instrumental and it is a very original sound - a mixture of jazz, world music grooves inspired from electronic music, especially drum and bass. The compositions (all mine), were written over the last year or so, after I came up with the idea for this band. Before this band came along, the didgeridoo was hardly ever used in jazz, and I truly believe this band's sound will be something new and exciting for both the world of jazz and the world of didgeridoo-oriented music. The music is mostly up-tempo and energetic, but with some melodic and emotional pieces.

I am looking for a name that is in some way uplifting, or at least not depressing (i.e. not The Looming Darkness). I am also hoping for a name that creates some sort of vivid image in the mind when it is heard or seen written down. But basically, it just has to be cool. I personally believe a band name has the potential to make or break a band, so it is a very big deal.

You said competition, I can hear you restlessly thinking.

That is correct. If your name is chosen as the band name, I will send you a signed copy of our first CD and every CD we ever publish thereafter. You will also receive our gratitude and friendship, which will include a thank you on the CD cover (i.e printed in the cover).

Furthermore, if there are other cool names that we end up using for the name of the CD, or a song name, you will get a signed copy of the CD. (Of course by signed, I mean with a personal thank you for the name from the band.

Please send me your submissions by PM, or by mail, if you have a long list and find it more comfortable. My email is Please don't submit your name suggestions in a writeup in this node. Thank you. You may send as many submissions as you want. Feel free to splurge. There are no wrong answers.

Now may be a good time to explain that this is a very serious band made up of some of the best musicians around. i.e. we are not teenagers playing in our parent's basement. I myself am one of the leading bass players in Israel, and have performed in many jazz festivals and other very big venues. The pianist and drummer are also very well known and respected jazz musicians, with many festivals (including international ones) under their belts. The didgeridoo player plays in the most successful tribal band in Israel - they perform monthly in front of thousands of people, and she is considered among the best in the world. This is a band that you could well be hearing about in the next couple of years, especially if you're into one of the following 3 scenes: jazz, world music and acoustic electronic music.

Furthermore, I promise that if your name is chosen, I will be happy to give you free tickets whenever we perform around your home town. We are already planning a tour of Europe for the summer of 2009. Hopefully we'll be in the States by 2010.

Our first album is scheduled to be recorded around April 2009 and to be released around June 2009.

I really appreciate all of your support.

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