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No, really.

I was driving home from Maine tonight, and was as usual, quite sleepy. I was trying not to doze off, and I really didn't, but instead, I was in this daze.

I snapped out of it at the bottom of exit 46, off of 495 in MA. I was sitting in the left-turn lane at a traffic light. I sat there, watching cars go by, and had this funny feeling, like I was just watching everything. Nobody looked my way, and for two cycles of the light, I sat there, my left turn arrow red.

I backed up, drove forward, backed up again, trying to trigger my light, but nothing worked. Still, the light was red -- as if I wasn't even there. I gave up and ran the light, but as I was sitting at the NEXT light, I wondered to myself... what if I'm dead? What if I drove off the road and my car exploded and I'm really just a shadow or a ghost, driving a figment of my imagination through a real town. The light seemed to be red interminably, and I waited, worried, my heart sinking all the while..


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