It's gone on long enough. From the little attention I have been paying the current shambles that is the 2000 election of the President of the United States, I now notice that they have gone to the courtroom in an attempt to solve the problem.

There's now also armed guards watching ballot papers. WTF?

Solve the problem, save time and money, and just hold another election. I'd just about guarantee that this time the result won't be so close. Hey, you never know. Maybe some people will actually give a fuck enough to actually vote this time around.

P.S. Please re-read this writeup after engaging your sense of humour. I understand that for most Americans this can be difficult when your system of government is called into question.

Ok. I've said this before, and I'll say it again:

There is a very good reason that the country will not hold another election.


You see, they still have to follow the rules as underlined by the US Constitution. There is nothing in there about holding another election, if I recall my government class correctly there is actually a clause that forbids holding a second election. If that rule was broken, and Gore lost again, I can guarantee you that he'll cry foul. The answer is not another election, it's getting Al some help with his denial issues.

I always keep my sense of humor engaged when surfing this place, and I must have missed the humor in the previous writeup. Forgive me.

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