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my dead hands will dig you up out of the ground
they will carry you from your slumber without a sound
anonymous and confidential,
I will open your fullest potential
and release you into the destiny upon which you were bound

my dead hands will lift you up out of the ground
they will place you upon the throne, beneath the crown
though the crown is worth less than the story
one path leads to the separate glories
but the story will survive after life and its truths are unwound

you have harnessed the joy and the hate
the plan and the danger, the flood and the flame
but when my dead hands come for you they will not shake
my faith's reward is you, confident and strong
watching you feel as though you belong
and watching you give yourself to these beautiful days

my dead hands will return you like a seed to the ground
they will guide you back to the land of the lost and the found
from the unborn to the undead
to the primitive instincts that live in your head
they are the same as for you as for anyone, swirling around

my mind's eye is the compass of your life, and
your breathing hands are inspiring mine, but
my dead hands will become your entire world in time
until then I only wish that I could thank you
for what is yours and for what is mine

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