"Oh my little head!"

A James Bond spoof made in 1979 from the Philipines.

When we first meet Agent 00 (Weng Weng the 3ft 9inch leading man) he is engaged in a rooftop sniper mission. He then wakes up beside the pool next to two beautiful ladies and saves a woman walking across a car park from a sniper with the help of some quality editing that you just don't see in the big Hollywood films any more.

A scientist with the formula for the 'N-Bomb' is kidnapped by the cronies controlled by the mysterious 'Mr Giant', who the gang leader talks to through a disco mirror.

00 is called into headquarters and given some special gadgets to help on his new mission of rescuing the scientist - a ring that detects poison (it is gold as the agency can't afford platinum), a funky looking top hat with a retractable blade, a agent-00 sized machine gun, a pair of x-ray specs and a cool utility belt.

After testing the specs on the office ladies (who are behind strategically placed furniture so you don't see any rude bits), 00 sets off for his mission to contact Irma, the spy who has infiltrated the group.

What follows is a series of plots by the bad guys that are foiled by 00 due to Irma planting a tracking device at each location. Some of the funniest scenes in the movie involve Weng Weng sliding across the floor to shoot baddies and running through the bad guys legs to punch them in the testicles (which renders them unconscious).

00 also gets to use his x-ray specs to find the bad guys hiding behind curtains in his hotel room (they are nude behind the curtain when he looks at them).

Also good is when 00 is being chased through a hotel and comes across a woman wearing only a towel on the bed, so he makes out with her before jumping out the window with an umbrella Mary Poppins style.

The bad guys must also be on a tight budget as they can only afford a VW Beetle as their gang car.

It goes without saying that the baddies are really stupid and much more silliness and violence follows as 00 has to save Irma and track down Mr Giant. There is an excellent scene where 00 runs into a room full of baddies and two people he is meant to be rescuing, he then sprays the room with machine gun fire and manages to kill everyone except his two friends.

This movie gets better the more you drink and I would also recommend watching it with friends as you can laugh at the stupid bits. The English dubbing is really bad, but for once it makes the movie even better to watch as there some excellent voices for the bad guys and agent 00 (Weng Weng actually had a deep manly voice in real life).

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