Ford Motor Company. Founded by Henry Ford in the early 1900s. Revolutionized the way car assembly lines were used. Ford is responsible for the best and worst of car history. Worst: Edsel. Best: Mustang.

One of the Big Three American automobile makers, famous for its Model T, introduced in 1908, which was the first successful mass-produced car in the United States. Named after the company's founder, Henry Ford, a somewhat controversial figure infamous for backing Hitler before the Second World War.

Ford produces many cars in the US and abroad, and recently added Volvo and Jaguar to its stable of subsidiary automakers. Models Ford makes include Taurus, Mustang, and Escort.
I work for Ford. I drive a Ford. Normally, I am not fond of Fords, but when you're around them all the time, you build up a resistance to them. I own a Ford Festiva, which to be honest, is dinky. But, as an alignment tech in my service department has said, as soon as Ford works out the kinks in a model, they discontinue it. Take my Festiva. They may not be worth much, but they last. They are simple, economic cars with decent pick up for a 3 cylinder. But there isn't a market for them. They were doomed to be the car you give to your grandma or teenager when the thought of buying them something expensive just seems like a waste. In short, Festivas are the antithesis of American consumerism. Why is why, I'm sure, it will be the only Ford I own.

And yes, Ford is reknown for lemons. I sometimes dream that someone at Ford is a secret collecter of the lemons, that he has a warehouse with one prime artifact of his company's folly. I'm sure it would include the Probe GT, the Aspire and the Festiva. I only hope he has room for the 35th Anniversary Mustang Model, the 2000 Thunderbird, the Excursion, and the Escape. They suck already.

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