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Ok, first I will say that I have next to no personal experience. But people watching is a hobby of mine, and there are some whom I follow closely. So here are some common-sense warning signs in foreplay.

  • Being too prepared: Ok, someone being prepared with some form of birth control (condom, whatever) is fairly normal. However, if they come prepared with a jumbo-pack of condoms, candles, champagne, chocolate syrup, and whipped cream I think is it time to be a little cautious.
  • Which brings me to my next point, Food. Food can be a very sensual experience, combining taste with touch, smell and sound. Be warned, any man (or woman) who says he wants to cover you in chocolate sauce or honey and lick it off has clearly never done it before. By the time he reaches the knees, you will be asleep and he will be in diabetic shock.
  • Toys. From what I understand sex toys are supposed to make things more interesting. But I think it is possible to go a bit overboard. One of my friends has two pairs of handcuffs that were given to her as a joke. It seems to me that for this type of thing to work both people involved should have some idea of what is going to happen. Who knows, you take the wrong person home and you get to watch them steal your stereo while you are chained naked to the bed.

More to come as I observe them. Fall semester starts soon, so I bet I will have plenty to say.

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