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Forever 21 is a popular retailer of women's clothing, particularly targetting the 13-25 age group. There are currently about 200 locations across the U.S. Founded originally as Fashion 21 in 1984 by owner and CEO Don Chang, the store offers clothing at an average rate of 2% lower than its competitors. The apparel sold is private label.

Many groups like Sweatshop Watch, Corp Watch, and the Garment Worker Center have endorsed a boycott of the clothing store since 2001 because of the company's notorious use of sweatshops. Several Los Angeles garment workers employed by the company complained outrageous conditions including pay lower than minimum wage laws allow for and rats in the factories, while the company estimates earnings of over $500 million this year.

Recently however, negotiations were made between Forever 21 and several groups ending the boycott. This statement was released:

"Forever 21, Inc., the Garment Worker Center, Sweatshop Watch, and the Asian Pacific American Legal Center, on behalf of several Los Angeles garment workers represented by it, have reached an agreement to resolve all litigation between them. In addition, the parties have agreed to take steps to promote greater worker protection in the local garment industry. The parties are pleased to announce the resolution of this matter as a positive and symbolic step forward in demonstrating respect and appreciation for garment workers. Under the parties' agreement, the national boycott of Forever 21 and related protests at the Company's retail stores, initiated by the Garment Worker Center in 2001, have ended. The parties share a belief that garment workers should labor in lawful conditions and should be treated fairly and with dignity. Forever 21, the Garment Worker Center and Sweatshop Watch all remain committed to ensuring that the clothing Forever 21 sells in its stores is made under lawful conditions."

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