Forget you're an engineer - and enjoy yourself --Indra (from Arthur C. Clarke's 3001: The Final Odyssey)
Unfortunately, many engineers forget this and we spend our time working on weekends rather than enjoying the the wonderful California day's or wandering about the City.

Engineers are also well known for taking the fun out of magic tricks and explaining the inner workings of common devices to the point of boredom of those around them.

There can be a great amount of fun found in the wonder about how things work, and the marvel at a rainbow or sunset that can be lost when considering the angle of refraction of the various frequencies of light that cause such a intriguing optical spectacle.

PS. To those around me, I'm sorry.

Knowing how a rainbow "works" does not seem to detract from the enjoyment to be had from observing it. Rainbows are formed at rather precise angles, and observing that yields aesthetic enjoyment.

It would be considered silly, or even rude, to claim that musicologists enjoy Bach's music less, just because they also know about the precise rules that govern the composition of a fugue. But regarding the criticism of those who see the exact sciences where they look, no such criterion applies; denigrate them as much as you like!

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