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The thing that I hate the most about form letters is that they attempt to establish a close intimate contact with the reader, yet by definition, these letters are sent to multiple persons and can not establish any level of intimacy with any of them. Here is a copy of a form letter that I recently received from the Dean for Students at my school:

Dear Wonderful, Responsible Junior of Whom I'm about to beg a favor:
The junior team is trying to assist the freshmen in preparing for their first final exams in the upper school, and we thought of you as someone who probably has a style all your own that works for you. Could you PLEASE come to our homeroom tomorrow and share your way with the freshmen? We would really appreciate it!!!!!

Let me know... and thanks so much!

Mrs. Wentzell

The kicker is that she only sent this letter to maybe four other students in my school, she could have at least used our names and personalized it a bit.

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