Formula Ford is an open wheel racing category contested in 22 countries including England and Australia. The highest profile racing under this formula is the Australian Formula Ford Championship (AFFC). The series is held over 8 events with 2 races per event and is run as part of the Australia V8 Supercar championship support program. This ensures good spectator and media exposure for the class. The championship regulations are revised annually and are designed to keeps the costs low and place an emphasis on driver skill. The cars are composed thus:


Engine: Naturally aspirated Ford 1600cc "Kent" engine with crossflowed head (the top British cars now use an updated "Zetec" engine). In this spec the engine is good for about 100bhp.
Gearbox: Boxes are limited to 4 foward gears and 1 reverse gear. The ratio's can be changed to suit different tracks and conditions.
Chassis: Tubular space frame type. Exotic materials are prohibited to keep costs down.
Suspension: Full racing spec. Chassis ballance is adjustable via the dampers, Springs and Roll bars.
Brakes: Four wheel disc brakes with indepentant activation.
Tyres: Grooved racing tyres are used. The type/brand/compounds are set in the regulations.

No Aerodynamic devices (wings, skirts etc) are allowed. The only available downforce is that produced by the shaping of the chassis - and gravity of course.

America (thanks to Transitional Man)

The USA currently has several brands of Formula Ford racing. The SCCA Formula Ford series cars are as above except that any racing tyres (including slicks) may be used. The Formula Continental cars use the 2.0 litre Kent engine, while Zetec powered cars (which produce around 160hp) are run under the Formula Atlantic title.

If your country has a variation on this racing class drop me a /msg and I'll add the details. Thanks.

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