This is in Italian, and a product of the Discordian Milano cabal. Follow the instructions, and try to pronounce Italian with a thick accent, you know, do your New York Mafia boy imitation. And lay it on thick.

Guarda dentro di te, nello spazio compreso tra l'atlante e l'epistrofeo, sì proprio in quel piccolo punto non lontano dalla tua ghiandola pineale.
Ripeti dentro di te "papa, papa, papa ...", sempre più forte, fallo risuonare nelle tue cavita intestinali, nelle coane, nell'orecchio medio, negli spazi interdigitali.
Diventa un'immensa membrana risonante della tua volontà di essere PAPA DI ERIS.
Senti come la Dea è benevola nei tuoi confronti ? Certo che lo senti !
Esplodi di gioia e urla fortissimo "PAPA PAPA PAPA !!! ANCHE IO PAPA !!! ERIS REGNA !!! ERIS DOMINA !!! PAPA PIACE AD ERIS !!!". Quindi vai a mangiare un panino da hot dog, se possibile di Venerdì.

res ipsa loquitur, non sequitur

Notice that the fact that you may not understand some, or indeed all, of the above words is not an obstacle to the good use and profound goodness of them: not for nothing did the Roman Catholic Church mumble through the mass in Latin for more than a thousand years.
It impresses the marks. And if the marks are impressed, there is no need to call the Old Doctor in.

As funny (and Discordian) as it might be to have you speak such italian at someone, I thought that a poor translation might be handy. This is the Italian to English translation from Systran's translator.

It watches within of you, in the space comprised between the atlas and
the epistrofeo, yes just in that small point not far away from your
pineale gland You repeat within of you " Pope, Pope, Pope... ", more
and more strongly, make it to risuonare in your cavita one internal,
the coane, the medium ear, the spaces interdigita them. It becomes an
immense risonante membrane of your will to be ERIS POPE. You feel as
the Goddess is benevolent in yours confronts? Sure that you feel it!
You explode of joy and urla strongest " POPE POPE POPE!!! ALSO I
ERIS!!!". Therefore you go to eat a sandwich from hot dog, if
possible of Friday.

res ipsa loquitur, not sequitur.

Please, if there are problems with this, remember that I don't speak Italian or even Esperanto.

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