Superman's secret headquarters.

Located within a mountain in the arctic circle, Superman's Fortress of Solitude was created as a haven for the Man of Steel. It houses many of the wonders that he has collected over years of adventures, many of the scientific wonders that he uses, and allows him to spend time working on his various hobbies. It is a combination museum, labratory, and rumpus room.

The door to the Fortress of Solitude is nearly impervious to harm, opened by a huge key the size of a Greyhound bus, that Superman uses to open it. When the key is not being used, it is disguised as an air route signaling device. The interior of the Fortress contains such wonders as Superman's intergalactic menagerie, the bottled City of Kandor, and the Phantom Zone projector. The Fortress also contains Superman's collection of Superman robots, that he uses to help maintain his secret identity and which are highly advanced though seemingly incapable of avoiding high power electric lines, which were always used to defeat them.

Since the Crisis, Superman's fortress is underground somewhere in Antarctica and contains wonders from his native world of Krypton.

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