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From: The Thorough Good Cook

Poultry: 8. Fowl a la Cardinal

Take a nice white fowl, singe it, and cut out the bones without destroying the skin. Next have a farce into which you have introduced a little lobster's spawn, well pounded, to make it very red. This farce, being made rather liquid, is to be injected, first between the skin and the flesh of the fowl, and then inside the body. Now mould the fowl into an agreeable shape; put it into an oval stew-pan well trimmed with slices of bacon, and pour some poele (see No. 10) over it; leave it on the fire for an hour and a half. As it has no bones left, it requires more time before it is done. Serve it up with a German sauce, to which you add some of the lobster spawn, or a little tomato sauce.

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