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From: The Thorough Good Cook

Poultry: 16. Fowl with Tarragon

Chop finely some tarragon, and roll it in butter; place this in the carcass of a fowl, sew it up and truss it, put it into a saucepan half filled with water, with salt, carrots, two large onions, bacon, a clove, a very little thyme, a very small sprig of tarragon without leaves, as long as a finger; let the whole stew till the fowl be very white. Then take some of the liquor, and reduce it to a glaze, to make a brown sauce; add a little water to the rest of the liquor; thicken it with a little flour; put in some leaves of tarragon cut into quarters, and boil up. Serve the fowl very white, the sauce over it very brown, and garnish the sides of the dish with leaves of tarragon.

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