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The myth of superhero Frank P. Trotts originated in rural Alabama in roughly 2003. Three days a week he maintains a cover as a local hardware store sales associate, but on his off days transforms into "the real" Frank Trotts, a real American hero. By bombarding his brain with alpha waves and holding his tongue to a 9-volt battery while inhaling a can of duster, Frank discovered the secrets of the universe and gained an impressive list of superpowers. He is able to predict the future as it is happening, slow time while he is sleeping, and project thoughts to small animals by touching his tongue to their retinas. Add to this his self taught karate skills and a room-clearing foot odor, and it becomes apparent that Frank Trotts has the complete superhero package.

On the domestic front, Frank has prevented food poisoning outbreaks at several restaurants in the southeast by consuming their entire supplies of tainted pork barbecue. He is also well known for single-handedly rescuing the sea turtle population of the Florida Gulf Coast from roving bands of beach wolves during the summer of 2005. A world-traveller, Frank devoted a year of his life to fighting tsunamis in the Indian Ocean. Also, Frank and his famous shotgun Betsy have been doing there part to keep the Avian Flu from spreading from Asia.

The last sighting of Frank Trotts occured in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina. He was spotted directing sandbags into crumbling levees with psychic blasts shortly before his disappearance. His reputation as a do-gooder took a hit when films of him looting a CVS pharmacy surfaced, but supporters point out that Frank was probably collecting all that Aderall and codeine cough syrup to distribute to the residents in distress. There has been no news from Frank since his rescue efforts in New Orleans, but there is a rumor that he died in an ill-fated fight with a mutated python in the Everglades.

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