This is, quite frankly, a punnish pseudonym for the most successful comic artist ever to come from Cambuslang.

Frank started off his comic career in Scotland's Electric Soup, with a semi-surreal take on D.C. Thompson's The Broons.

After some years, he began contributing to 2000 A.D.'s Judge Dredd strip in 1993, to the Big Book of series of graphic novels for Paradox Press in 1994, and then drew fellow Scot Grant Morrison's Flex Mentallo mini-series for D.C. comics' Vertigo imprint in 1996. During this period, Frank also contributed to some small press publications, such as Grantlove publications' Crack!.

In the mainstream, as well as working on Batman graphic novellas with Alan Grant, he has more recently drawn some of Mark Millar's stories for Warren Ellis' The Authority, and most recently as a regular artist on Grant Morrison's stories for Marvel comics' New X-Men.

Frank's style was originally very similiar to the incomparable Dudley D. Watkins, but as that influence wore off one of the nearest contemporaries in style is arguably Geoff Darrow.

If you have never read Flex Mentallo, give your eyeballs a treat - Frank's work on it has never been bettered.

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