Frank Tavares is probably the most recognizable yet most unidentifable voice heard on National Public Radio. His voice talent is heard during such nationally-broadcast shows as Morning Edition, Weekend Edition, All Things Considered, Talk of the Nation, The Diane Rehm show, and Public Interest, in addition to other newscasts. However, he is not the host or an anchor of any of these shows.

Tavares, in an interview with Vermont Public Radio, disclosed that he enjoys being the "most mysterious" voice on NPR, and that he often tunes in to NPR to hear himself. So who is the mysterious Tavares?

Tavares is NPR's "Funding Credits Announcer" - throughout the day one will hear him inform the listener of sponsorship of programs and of the network itself: "Support for NPR comes from NPR stations..." followed by a list of corporations, philanthropic organizations, and other supporters of the programming. His most familiar line would probably be the conclusion to almost all of these credit spots:

"This is NPR, National Public Radio."

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