Frederik Pohl (1919-)

Science-fiction editor, author and literary agent. Pohl has won awards in nearly every job in the sci-fi field, was 1992 Grand Master of the Science Fiction Writers of America, and is active in the World SF Movement. He lives with his wife Elizabeth Anne Hull outside Chicago, Illinois.

He is best known for the novel Gateway, which won the Hugo, Nebula and John W. Campbell Memorial Award for best novel, spawning various sequel novels, as well as a computer games series based on the books. His 1976 novel Man Plus also won the Nebula.

Frederik Pohl has also been the editor of the magazine Worlds of If since the '50s, garnering three Hugos for best magazine under his stewardship. He has edited several anthologies, including Galaxy, Tales from the Planet Earth, and several Star Science Fiction Stories.

His best known collaborations are The Space Merchants series with C. M. Kornbluth and The Starchild trilogy with Jack Williamson.

Most of his works are classic, golden-age sci-fi. Judging from O Pioneer!, he doesn't seem comfortable writing about computers (or any other modern-day tech) the way younger writers would. Much like Clifford Simak, his stories are about people; the futuristic setting is merely a backdrop.

His novels include:

Taken from the author blurb in the Tor Books edition of O Pioneer!, dates and a few titles from what I have in my library. As complete a novel list as I can get, although I may have missed a few. Eerily, I have never read any of the Gateway series, although I have a LOT of his other novels, including the Man Plus and Starchild series.

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