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I remember as a child my mother used to tell me not to use the word 'hate'. "No, you dislike suchandsuch", she used to say. I look back at this and i say "Bullshit!", I hated things then and I hate them now. I hate just about everything and every one to a certain degree, except maybe chocolate and sex, but I could even give valid reasons for hating those things to.

I guess it comes from my hippie parents, when I was young they were still on that "love everything" kick that seemed to saturate counter-culture circles throughout the late 60's and early 70's. Since reaching adulthood, that vile state in which responsibility settles into a ranking in your life above fun, I've learned that love doesn't get a whole lot done, really, in the long run, hate is a much more active force. I mean love makes people do some goofy shit, but it really lacks the urgency of hate. And that's what I like about hate, it's an emotion with somewhere to be. It doesn't idle in a daydreamy state or second guess itself. It goes straight for the jugular and then looks for the next target. I mean isn't that really what we want in an emotion.

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