The problem with this whole area of debate is that neither you nor anyone else seems to understand the basic facts. I do. Whether or not you choose to believe what I tell you or not doesn't really matter. My point is still valid and I stand by it. And it's exactly as I said in my previous node...

Do you have any evidence at all to backup these so-called facts? You claim to know what you're talking about yet I haven't read any real evidence to support what you say. Apart from the Washington Post report, the UN investigation, Amnesty Internationals detailed study, the three thousand eye witness accounts and the fact that you were there at the time, what gives you the right to make these claims?

The founding Fathers didn't intend the 5th amendment to be used in this way. If God had wanted us to have the right not to answer incriminating questions He would never have sent us Jerry Springer

I've said this in 20 nodes before, most of which were on entirely the same topic, but it's worth repeating, since they were all deleted. Guns don't kill people, choking on fish bones kills people. And this is exactly why these anti-abortion liberals should crawl back into their ivory towers and bury themselves. This is about the freedom of free people to freely gather and assemble, without beards, and listen to pop music. Freely. It's that simple. That's why we call it a democracy. And if we have to nuke them into submission before they'll vote for the people they were told to, then so be it. That's what freedom is all about. If you don't like it you can go back to the Soviet Union and kiss Stalins ass

Contrary to popular belief the Telly Tubbies is no more than a television show. It's fantasy. If we're going to have real debate about this subject than we'll have to have more rational opinions that are better thought out and expressed then this. This isn't rocket science, it's childrens television and I, for one, would like to see a return to more simple values. Don't get me wrong, I'm not proposing we arm terrorists.

This misses the whole point. Linux is an operating system. It may be free but it still costs more than Windows. Which is why I always walk through doors. I suggest you try it.

People who read porn are more likely to be gay and have abortions than people who play violent video games whilst fantasing about killing their schoolmates with butter knifes. I don't normally add to these kinds of nodes but there's a chance someone will C! me just because they disagree with you. It's exactly this kind of thing that makes me sad to be a part of a world where people can no longer enjoy the love of a warm sheep without someone telling them biological weapons shouldn't be used for self-defence in the home. Why can't we all just get along?

I can only conclude that you are some kind of racist.

No, I'm not.

Yes you are

Am not

Are too


YES YOU ARE! You see that OsBenLoadLin? That guy that lives in the caves and has a beard and a towel on his head? See him, that's your mum, that is.

I appreciate your point, but it is not up to us to decide what is best for these people. Leave that to the experts, those who truly know how to play Scrabble.
1) The cat in question would eat the toast
2) The people of this great country elected President Bush and we should stand by that democratic decision. Even if it means giving up our democratic rights.
3) Your facts are wrong, yet again, and the picture on your homenode is truly ugly. There is no proof that alien monkeys exist. And you know it.
4) Actually, it was 6, not 5.
5) He had an abortion.
6) Ok. I'll be the one wearing the red rose in my lapel. See you there. Kissy kissy.
Exactly :)
I have always said in all my nodes about this subject that I fully support the idea of a free, open set of standards based around IPv6.
To the downvoters and soft-linkers. This is my opinion. If you disagree, that's fine. Just don't say so or downvote me.
Editors : I've had to resubmit this node 5 times today and it's been deleted at least 8 times. I thought the name of this place was Everything. Freedom of speech is a God given right, but I don't expect you to understand that!!
If this continues I'm going to delete all my nodes and leave this place. E2 used to be such a fun place. Now everything that those in power don't like gets deleted. And I got Borged 15 times today.
What do you mean we can't add any more writeups under here? I'm trying to have a fucking rational fucking debate here. Screw you.
This was a nodeshell rescue

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