Holy Cow! When I saw this node, I looked up Freedom to Innovate Network on Altavista. The top find was nfin.org (Netizens for Freedom to Innovate). I have never seen such carefully designed FUD before!

Their home page is outright ugly, so as to make it appear like a home page of someone who is not a professional (or even experienced amater) web designer. It is filled with buttons.

But when you get their "grassroots" page, now that is outright sick.

They ask everyone to use green background on their web pages to show support. So, folks, if your page happens to be green, you may be believed to be a Microsoft supporter and not even know it. Better check your web pages!

They ask everyone to buy MS stock, and sell the stock of other high tech companies. Now, that seems outright illegal to me.

They have a webring with 8 participants (themselves included, of course). I guess they figured Eight is Enough, right? You can see the list of the eight at http://nav.webring.org/cgi-bin/navcgi?ring=nfinring;list.

Ironically, the first member (after themselves) is on Yahoo! geocities. Hmmm, do you smell a rat? They want you to sell all high tech stock, but they do not hesitate to use Yahoo!'s money to further their own propaganda.

This is sick, really sick. I cannot continue. I need to go, and get some Mylanta...

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