A delicious frozen treat.

Colorful frozen fruit-flavored sugar water is sealed into plastic sheaths and shipped out in boxes. A consumer can stick the colored sugar tubes in the freezer, and enjoy them whenever they feel the urge.

Freezepops have many advantages over traditional popsicles:
  • They are usually smaller, that means they're less filling and better for quick cravings.
  • The plastic sheathing prevents many a sticky mess.
  • The sheath also means the good stuff has to be extracted, which leads to more fun eating them, such as squeezing, sucking, biting and rolling.

more interestingly...

Freezepop is a Synthpop band from Boston

The name comes from the frozen treat described above, and suits them quite well; they describe their music as "sweet and cold and fruity and plastic-y." They also seem to enjoy bright colors, such as those seen in freezepops. In addition to the accurate name, their sound can be described video game music, which is, technically, true (see below). Their influences include Cibo Matto, Depeche Mode, Duran Duran, the Human League, and New Order.

The band members are:
  • Liz Enthusiasm (AKA Jussi Gamache) does the vocals and website/album cover design. She is also known for vintage clothing and chihuahua. Liz has also been involved with The Renettes/The Brownies, Pointy Hat/Zebulon 6, and Pancake Syrup.
  • The Duke of Candied Apples (AKA Casson Crooker) does the synthesizer programming and backup vocals. He won a remix contest for I feel loved by Depeche Mode. He has also been involved with Splashdown and Symbion Project.
  • The Other Sean T. Drinkwater programs the vocoder and does backup vocals. He is a clone of the original Sean T. Drinkwater. Combined, the two Seans have been involved with: Lifestyle, Karacter, Godclaw, Varicose Veins, The Drop Dead Sweethearts, and Veronica Black Morpheus Nipple
  • The QY-70 is given credit in their song Freezepop Forever as a full member of the band. QY-70's are made by Yamaha, and Freezepop uses 4 (at last count). Countless musicians also use QY-70 synthesizers.
  • As long as we're counting equipment, the band uses Roland VP-330 and MAM VF-11 vocoders. These are also in common circulation.

The band has made a big impression considering that the device on which all their songs are written looks like a gameboy. They made it to the 2001 WBCN Rock and Roll Rumble semi-finals, which is not bad considering their music bears little resemblance to Rock and Roll. They were named Best New Artist at the 2001 American Synthpop Awards. Their song Science Genius Girl is part of the new Playstation 2 game Frequency, in which players try to mix songs to sound like the original. Also, they'll be playing with the big names at Synthcon 2002

Discography (not including compilations):
  • The Orange EP, 2000 on Archenemy
  • The Purple EP, 2000 on Archenemy
  • Freezepop Forever, 2001 on Archenemy in the US, Elefant Records elsewhere
  • Fashion Impression Function EP, 2002 on Archenemy
  • Bike Thief 12", 2003 presumably on Archenemy

Harebrained Scheme is their danciest track to date, and is usually good for a smile.
Tender Lies and Tenisu No Boifurendo are more laid back, but also good.
Go to the Freezepop website, news archive, Freezepop Forever remix contest, and give the Gothsicles remix a listen.
Check out stylus' analysis of Tenisu no boifurendo!


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