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The Fremont Bridge is a bridge immediatly to the North of downtown Portland, Oregon over the Willamette River. It is the largest Willamette River bridge, and is one of the most noticable things on the Portland skyline from many angles. It carries I-405 back on to I-5 and is therefore very important for transportation.

The bridge was constructed fairly recently, in 1973. The bridge is around 2,000 feet long, and over a mile long, inlcuding the ramps and approaches leading up to it.

The bridge carries two decks, each with five lanes of traffic. It is closed to bicyclists and pedestrians.

One interesting thing about the bridge that I had never noticed until I read it in a book is that the bridge has no pillars going into the water, and that makes it unique amongst large bridges over the Willamette. The bridges graceful, towering arch has its legs immediatly off the shores of the Willamette.

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