The difference between a basic manicure and a French manicure is the colour. Whilst your common, garden variety manicure is finished off with a coat or two of any single colour, a French manicure has specific rules. The tips of the nails, now yellow from having been ravaged by pollution, smoking, etc., are painted white (usually in a crescent shape, but sometimes just straight across). The whole nail is then usually coated in an opaque pink (or nude) varnish.

However, certain details vary from person to person. Some prefer to paint a base coat of pink before applying the white tips, some like to paint half the nail white and create the crescent using a Q-Tip soaked in nail varnish remover. It is possible to buy sticky strips that you can paint alongside in order to achieve a perfect finish. SCAM! They tend to just pull the newly-applied varnish off the nail.

Practice makes perfect.

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