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The X-files

Fresh Bonese
Episode: 2X15
First aired:02/03/95
Written by: Howard Gordon
Directed by: Rob Bowman

Private McAlpin drives off in a panic after seeing maggots instead of cereal. He crashes into a tree with voodoo markings on it and is killed.

Mulder and Scully enter to investigate, since this is the second death in a week involving a soldier assigned to the local Immigration and Narutalization Service processing center where Haitian refugees are being held. Entering the complex, Scully is grabed by a drunk refugee. A young boy, Chester, comes to her rescue and offers her a small cloth bag for protection.

The military says suicide but McAlpin's wife believs it was a voodoo curse.

They talk to the base commander, Wharton, who tells them that the soldiers are hated by the refugees and are under a lot of stress. When Scully goes to examine McApin's body, she finds a dead dog instead. Meanwhile, Mulder talks to Bauvais, a refugee, who says the Wharton will not let them return home as they wish.

As Mulder and Scully drive down a road, they nearly hit a man. It turns out to be McApin. Mulder believes that McApin is a zombie, which would explain his wierd behavior and dissapearence. They go to see about the first soldier who died and his body is missing, confiring Mulder's beliefs.

They talk to a soldier who says that Bauvais threatened Wharton by saying that he would take his men one by one if they were not allowed to go. Wharton allowes Bauvais to be beaten.

Mulder meets with X who tells him that Wharton is seeking revenge for the deaths of his men on the last U.S. mission in Haiti.

The soldier they talked to is found dead, apparently by McApin's hand. Bauvais has 'killed himself' and Wharton tells them that they should go now.

They find evidence of disconsent in the feelings about Wharton and McApoin and the missing soldier both filed complaints about his treatment of the refugees.

While driving, Scully reaches for the wheel and is pricked by thorns. As she drives away, the voodoo sign is shown under the car.

They go to the cemetary. Mulder finds Wharton performing a voodoo rite over Bauvais's coffin. Bauvais rises and Wharton is found dead and Bauvais is later seen in his coffin, quite dead. Meanwhile, Scully sits in the car, rubbing her swollen hand. Suddenly, she sees a person actually coming out of her wound. Then a Haitian man chokes her. Scully reaches for the charm and when she grabs it he dissapears.

Mulder and Scully prepare to leave but we see Wharton's coffin lowered into the ground with him, very much alive, screaming.

Important Quotes:
Chester -- "Go! Go! Get away! Get away! (the man leaves) He’s crazy. Too much rum. For such a pretty lady it’s dangerous out here. You need something pour vous gardez --- for protection. Your lucky charm."
Scully -- "(ignoring the boy) Come on, Mulder."
Muder -- "How much?"
Chester -- "Five … Ten.
Mulder -- "I’ll give you five."
Scully -- "Let’s go, Mulder."
Mulder -- "You should always carry protection. Hold on. There you go."

Scully -- "Mulder, voodoo only works by instilling fear in its believers. You saw how Bauvais tried to intimidate me. I'll admit the power of suggestion is considerable but this is no more magic than a pair of fuzzy dice."
Mulder -- "It’s a plausible diagnosis. Only I'm more interested in how he came back to life."
Scully -- "Well, obviously, he never left. Dr. Foyle made a gross mistake when he signed the death certificate. It’s not the first time something like that’s happened."

Scully -- "(looking at the frogs) Maybe I should kiss a few and find out if one is Guttierez (this missing soldier)"

Scully -- "Mulder …"
Mulder -- "You’re okay?"
Scully --"I feel better than you look."

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