Female "Bathroom" Aid

"With my arse out in a forty-mile-an-hour wind, below freezing, my muscles wouldn't relax enough to let me pee."
A close friend

Frankly, the chaps have an advantage when they pee outside - stand up, whip out the old todger and write their names in the snow. The lasses, on the other hand, have to divest themselves of both clothing and dignity, exposing their bums to potential frostbite whilst making water.

God gave Man the winky, and Woman multiple orgasms. Who wins? In the bedroom, the women. In the loo stakes, the men. Well, at least now, technology has caught up and provided something for women out hiking or skiing in all weathers. The Freshette.

A Willy for Women?

Invented by an American woman, it is marketed as a solution to many problems, not just peeing out of doors. It is a small plastic cup¹, moulded to fit the, erm...you know. And it has a small tube attached, like a faux penis. The cup can be slipped inside the trousers, and the tube acts like a dingle-dangle. There's enough of a seal that the woman can pee freely, without all that disrobing.

It can be used sitting or standing, indoors or out. According to Freshette's website, it is useful for

...bladder relief while standing, sitting or laying down...an answer when restrooms are unavailable or unsanitary...when movement is a problem. Freshette has been used all over the world, from the North Pole to Antarctica...

And of course, now women can write their own names in the snow. And to think, men just have a vagina masculina.

aionaever says This idea intrigues me. I believe that women now have the undisputed upper hand in both the bedroom and the bathroom, as they don't have to try to pee through a morning wood, either...

grundoon says The instructions also remind you to shake the drops off the end of your fake winky when you've finished.

¹ There are also similar products available - Whiz (as noded by Helen4Morrissey), Whizzy, P-Mate and TravelMate are but three.

For BQ2k6
http://web.mit.edu/hudson/www/bathroom.html (for completeness)

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