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From: The Thorough Good Cook

Entrees: 4. Fricassee of Fowl

Pick, draw, and singe a fowl; cut it into pieces and soak them for one or two hours in cold water, to whiten the meat; then drain them. Put into a saucepan a piece of butter and a spoonful of flour; stir it till the butter is melted, then moisten it with a glass of water; add salt, pepper, grated nutmeg, a sprig of parsley, and chives; put in the fowl, and let it stew three-quarters of an hour; thicken the sauce with the yolks of three eggs, and add some lemon juice, and also a dash of vinegar. When two-thirds done, put in some mushrooms, and add, if you like, some button onions and bottoms of artichokes at the same time that you put in the fowl. A few crayfish may be placed round the dish, as well as some crusts and cocks'-combs. To keep the meat white, it is necessary, to rub it with the lemon juice, and cover it during the cooking with some buttered paper placed on the fricassee, inside the saucepan.

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