Being an American without health insurance I am forced to use drastic alternatives for health care. I went to the school of dentistry today for a part 2 of a root canal. The student who worked on me for 5 hours failed to properly anesthetize me. Worst Pain Ever! I was constantly reminded of a film I saw where a man was being tortured by a drill with out any anesthesia, and I was making a payment plan for this. I tried to be a tough little solider, but it was more agonizing than kidney stones and a spinal tap combined. And why do all dentists wear glasses so I can actually see the horror happening inside my mouth? Three hours into the procedure I realized she did not realize there was still 2 live nerves in there and the anesthesia had worn off. I also found communication is less effective when one has a large rubber dam akin to a medieval torture device in their mouth. I also must look like a script druggie, because my constant sobbing and hyperventilation was not effective evidence that I needed something stronger than over the counter ibuprofen for this ailment. The best part is after all the needles and saws that went into my head today, there are still 2 nerves left squirming about. She accomplished nothing, and I have to go back for more on the morrow.

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