Maybe you should start with
dandelions not roses
and sit with her on the front porch of that summer yellow house through
with the lawnmower humming down the
and wait
until she,
with fireflies in her
to rest on your
shoulder. eyes
in the wavering

What should have been said was :

Don't go. Don't go to that college. I know you are all set, and it's the plan, but don't. My life will never be the same and I like it just fine, thankyouverymuch. You will leave and change and meet new people and listen to new music and eat new food and all of those things. Things different from me and this world.

Stay here, go to school here and you can be with your friends here. Go to concerts here, eat weird food here and be with me. Here. 'cause if you are here with me, my life will stay perfect. It can never be this good again. I will never taste air the way I taste it right now, this moment.

Look into my eyes and see the truth. I am begging you to stay. Please. Stay.

What was said:

Hope it goes well.

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