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Frosted Orange is a South African band who joined together to play their first set in the restaurant Cranzgotz, in Hout Bay, South Africa, on October 19th, 1996. Their music is strongly influenced by blues, with a mix of the slow progressive rock characteristic of the 1970s, and energetic Ska. Frosted Orange is made of three members, Albert Frost (guitar), Simon "Agent" Orange (keyboard and vocals), and Jacques Schutte (drums).

Albert and Simon met in 1989 when Albert’s (now late) father, Frank D. Frost, became drummer for the Blues Broers. In 1994, Albert became lead guitarist, playing a Fender Stratocaster, for the Blues Broers and, in March of that year, played at the Crowbar in Cape Town. Simon was the keyboardist - he plays a Hammond C3 organ, and a Fender Rhodes piano. When the band began touring, Albert and Simon became friends, and began to work together.

In 1999, they both played with Valian Swart and Koos Kombius. April 20, 1999, Frosted Orange recorded their first single, later making an independent recording, Bulldozer, which featured eight tracks composed by the artists. In 2000, Jacques Schutte was added to the band, as drummer, and first played with them in April at the Klein Karoo Nasionale Kunstefees in Oudtshoorn. From this time on, the band started touring South Africa.

August 31, 2001, their name having spread, they recorded their first real album, with ten tracks, My Love is a Leopard, in Stellenbosch. It proved difficult in that they had to finance it themselves.

Also, Frosted Orange is a dessert drink:

3 scoops softened vanilla ice cream
125mL cup milk
125mL cup orange juice
70mL frozen orange juice concentrate

Blend together until smooth. Serve immediately.
Makes 1 drink.

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