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"Drink my juice. It's fucking nutritious."

The Fruit Fucker 2000 is a quasi reoccurring character in the online comic strip Penny Arcade.

Fruit Fucker was first mentioned in July 11th, 2001 comic titled "Diabolicious!" In that comic Satan gets two things in his mail, a cease and desist of all the Blizzard trademark games (a la Diablo) from promoting his evil agenda. The other thing he recieves is the mentioned, but not seen, Fruit Fucker 2000.

He was first seen in the February 11th, 2002 strip titled "Wow!" It is simply a small robot that gets fresh juice from fruit by sticking its very phallic collecting slot into a fruit and shooting the juice into a cup. Complete with a feed reamer and a pulp ejector.

The strip that Fruit Fucker first appeared in was actually a shot at Sierra Games using the The LithTech Engine to create and release the title Die Hard: Nakatomi Plaza. The strip mentioned that if you purchased a Fruit Fucker 2000, a free LithTech Engine would be included so you could "make your own shitty games based on ancient movie franchises."

In June 2003, Fruit Fucker 2000 reappeared in a four parter called the "Fruit Saga." The saga consisted of Tycho's girlfriend witnessing the Fruit Fucker 2000 in action, then both Tycho and Gabe's girlfriends discussing how much they hate the Fruit Fucker 2000 and how it crept up one on of them in the middle of the night ("I used an entire box of Q-Tips"). Eventually, they capture the Fruit Fucker 2000 in a shoebox using a fresh lemon as bait, stuff it into a Powerpuff Girls pillowcase and throw Fruit Fucker 2000 into the sea from a bridge.

The "Fruit Saga" had a happy ending though. As after days at sea, the Fruit Fucker 2000 arrives on a remote island and looks up to see a tree full of fresh fruit.

In April 2004, a comic titled "No Produce Is Safe" featured a huge version of Fruit Fucker 2000 called Fruit Fucker Prime attacking a farm along with an army of Fruit Fucker 2000s.

The July 23rd, 2004 comic "San Diego Sketchbook: Adult Content" contained a child with his mother at the San Diego Comic-Con asking for "the robot who rapes fruit and makes girls drink his juice." The mother confronts Tycho asking him if they really make such a thing, he covers by saying that he had them confused with fellow webcomic Player Vs. Player.

Also in the summer of 2004, at the Otakon Anime Convention in Baltimore, Maryland one of the most notable costumes seen was an incredibly done Fruit Fucker 2000 outfit. A picture of this costume can easily be found online.

On October 28th, 2004, Fruit Fucker 2000 (who is probably now just referred to as simply "Fruit Fucker") was featured in yesterday's Penny Arcade strip "Fruit Fucker: San Andreas," obviously spoofing the latest Grand Theft Auto game.

Fruit Fucker made perhaps his smallest appearance in a strip yet in the January 21st, 2005 strip "Absolutely Critical Trivia." In which he is not the focal point of the comic, but can be seen leaping into a bowl of fruit and beginning to...well...fuck fruit.

His most recent appearance was the September 7th, 2005 strip "The Problem Within The Problem" in which we see him lying on a table after having just fucked some fruit. Again, he is not the focal point of the comic.

The www.fruitfucker.com website once showed an under construction message featuring Fruit Fucker 2000 himself...yet now that site is gone.

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