Home of the self-proclaimed World's Greatest Hamburger, Fuddruckers is a chain of restaurants across the United States specializing in hamburgers, hot dogs, fries, milkshakes, steak, and chicken.

With locations in about forty of the fifty states, and a name which begs to become an obscene Spoonerism, Fuddruckers is highly recommended as a place to pick up a fresh, hot cheeseburger. Each Fuddruckers comes equipped with a complete bakery and butchery, and their dessert menu is well worth sampling. Expect to pay between $6.00 and $12.00 for lunch or dinner; so far as I know, they don't serve breakfast.

Their hamburgers are large (available in either one-third or one-half pound weights, and in some locations even larger; I have seen two-thirds and 1-pound burgers offered at some Fuddruckers, weight before cooking) and are served on lightly toasted sesame-free buns. Their fries are thick potato wedges, and are generally very good. An enormous buffet of toppings and condiments for their burgers lets you fix your burger to taste. I've never had a better burger, though I haven't exactly traveled the world over looking -- so, as far as I'm concerned, they really are the World's Greatest Hamburgers, which is their claim to fame.

Their menu includes mushroom and veggie burgers, so vegetarians won't be completely at a loss for menu items to choose from, but the restaurant definitely caters to omnivores. They claim to have originated in San Antonio, Texas in 1980, so it's easy to see why.

The restaurants do, unfortunately, subscribe to the 'let's bolt random shit to the wall' style of interior decorating. Think T.G.I. Friday's or Buca di Beppo for the decor. If you can look past this one drawback, however, you should find that Fuddruckers meets your burger joint needs.

Team Jet-Poop mentions that their house mustard is prominently labeled 'Mother Fuddrucker's Mustard'. I haven't seen that, I'll be dying to check it out next time I'm there.

Saige mentions that they now serve ostrich burgers, of all things. She finds them to be as good as beef and not as greasy. Who knew?

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