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Airport code FUK: the sixth-largest airport in Japan and the largest on the island of Kyushu, accounting for 19 million passengers a year. Originally a Japanese Imperial Army base, it was taken over by SCAP in 1945 and given back to the government in 1951 for Japan Airlines' first service between Tokyo International Airport, Osaka Itami Airport, and Fukuoka. It received its first international service in 1965 when JAL began flying from Fukuoka to Pusan.

FUK is the most conveniently-located airport in Japan: the Shinkansen terminal at Hakata is only five minutes away on the subway, and no point in the city is more than 20 minutes' drive away.

In addition to Japan Airlines, All Nippon Airways, Japan Air System, and Skymark Airlines, Fukuoka is served by Korean Air, Asiana Airlines, Air China, China Southern Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, China Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Continental Airlines, and Singapore Airlines.

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