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A relatively new show on The Learning Channel (aka TLC), Full Metal Challenge is similar to one of the channel's other hit shows, Junkyard Wars. Hosted by Henry Rollins and Cathy Rogers, it takes place on the site of an abandoned power facility in the South of England. Competitors are given $3000 to build a vehicle within given parameters that can accomplish, to a reasonable degree, a variety of different tasks or challenges.

As opposed to its Junkyard Wars counterpart, however, which gives teams 10 hours to create crude, ad hoc machines that pound, smash and burn, in one-on-one competition, FMC is a much more structured format, where teams have one month to conceptualize, design, and test their creation, before going up against a bevy of other multinational competitors in a variety of different games. Examples of these might be Ten Pin, where the drivers/controllers of the machines are basically relegated to human bowling balls, or Wetropolis, where the machines have to be navigated through a thoroughly swampy arena. In all, it seems like good fun, and is at least reasonably enjoyable to watch, when your viewing selection on a Sunday night might otherwise be rather sparse.

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