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Once when we threw a party off of Mt. Greylock, Stevedave's little brother, Thames—who was almost always hanging out, party or no party, he was there with his forty and his crazy long red hair and his not shaving—& but so Thames had passed out so hard he was out like a light. Except the lights were all still on and we could all see them dwindling as the party made its slow descent off the cliff with Thames with it.

So being people who were all more drunk than good, one of us recalled how Stevedave said his little brother brought a disposable camera with him so as to document the evening's fun. There was still over half the roll left when we found it in his pocket. So someone found the plastic viking hat and set it on Thames's head and then someone braided his hair and then someone found a big fucking hammer and stuck it in his hand, all while he was passed out at the bottom of the cliff. Then we took pictures of Thames as Thor with his own camera.

It was fun but not as much fun as the time that Thames drunkenly shot himself in the eye with Srichacha sauce after stealing some burgers from the house next door. I guess you had to be there.

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