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Anyone can have fun with prefixes if they know enough sick and twisted words. You, too, can create new and exciting words -- even new disorders! -- by using a simple principle from the German language: crunch a bunch of old words together. Examples:

Homo-necro-pyro-psuedo-retro-bestial-sado-masochism: Painful, violent sex with a dead burning fake rabbit of the same sex wearing a leisure suit.

Neo-pro-anti-Carolingian: Someone in the present day who approves of those who acted against the Carolingian Empire, but does not act upon the conviction her/himself (useful in history classes!)

Uber-tele-micro-inter-mega-gaming-multi-giga-cyber-dildo: Use your imagination.

Hyper-bio-neural-subspatial-nano-trinimbic-tachyon emissions: Not a phenomenon that could actually happen, but I thought I'd see who could be the first to detect the semi-redundant prefixes/words in this one.

They don't teach you this in high school English, but it can be useful. I swear. I'll update this node as soon as I remember how it's useful... And I apologize for the offensive new words. I couldn't resist...

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