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An Agatha Christie Novel
solution below
first copyright:1953
first edition:?

Hercule Poirot: The famous Belgian dective
Richard Abernethie: The murdered(?) man
Lanscombe: The perfect butler
Helen Abernethie: Richards favorite sister-in-law
Mr. Entwhistle commisions Poirot after Cora's death
Maude Abernethie: Always supported her (deceased) husband.
George Crossfield: Richards nephew
Rosamund Shane: Richards niece
Michael Shane: Rosamunds handsome husband
Susan Banks: Richard's other niece
Gregory Banks: Susan's colorless husband.
Cora Lansquenet: Murdered after a chance remark...
Miss Gilchrist: Cora's companion
Timothy Abernethie: Richard's brother
Alexander Guthrie: The art collector
Mr. Goby: The perfect private investigator.

Story: After a funeral, Mrs. Cora Lansquenet makes one of her akward remarks: "He was murdered, wasn't he?" Several days later, she turns up dead in her little contry cottage. Mr Entwhistle commisions Hercule Poirot to look into the case. Poirot disguises himself as a French man looking to buy a large house. In the course of the investigation, Cora Lansquenets' housekeeper is nearly poisoned and Helen is bludgeoned with a statue.

Solution: Zvff Tvypuevfg gbbx Pben'f cynpr ng gur shareny gb perngr qbhog nobhg gur qrngu bs Evpuneq naq gb cebivqr n qvfgenpgvba sbe gur erny zheqre: gur xvyyvat bs Pben Ynafdhrarg. Zvff Tvypuevfg abgvprq gung bar bs Pben'f whax cnvagvatf jnf npghnyyl n inyhnoyr cvrpr. Fur jnagrq gb fryy gur cvpgher naq fgneg n grn fubc.
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