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Ice-cream on a stick - seventies' and eighties' stuff manufactured by Walls. They were pink, strawberry flavoured and supposed to be in the shape of large size 10s (or 44s in the rest of the world); they were, however, usually completely misformed because of the tempramental natures of 'ice compartments' back then.

They were part of the ice-cream explosion after eveyone had got bored of 99s and blocks of vanilla sandwiched between two pieces of wafer, and before manufacturers realised that the best way to sell ice-cream was either through the easily recognised corporate vehicle of Mars bars and Bounties and the like, or the Magnum sort of stuff - a whole meal of chocolate and ice-cream on a stick that filled you up for days.

They were sickly, sweet and really rather horrible - confectionery of the teeth-itching kind. But rather fun, all the same.

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