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FurToonia is a MUCK with a loose, anthropomorphic or 'furry' theme, and a friendly, open atmosphere. Historically smaller than FurryMUCK, its generally a nice place to go to escape the spam. It is not, however, a place to go, if your sole intent is to troll for TS, or netsex, though, as with any social MUD, you probably would eventually find it.

Address is ft.furtoonia.net 9999, and http://www.furtoonia.net

Noteable features of FurToonia:

  • Although it was highly active for some years (161 connected on 25 January 1998), nowadays it is rather quiet and low-key, with most people chatting or, ahem, doing other things in private.
  • It used to be the home of an erotic center called the Naughty Otter (named in reference to its founder, who played an otter character whose name escapes me). This was the subject of mixed feelings amongst the MUCK public but, for what it was worth, inspired yet another attempt to supplement worthless TinyMUD currency with something more valuable, namely the IszMark system. However, when one of the maintainers of the Naughty Otter, Vulpine, was found to be underage, the entire center quickly imploded, leaving a big mess of shouting and debate that was never really resolved with any sort of tidiness, although Vulpine's player has since drifted away from MUCKs, whining quite a bit about hate free zones and other gibberish as he went.
  • Formerly the head wizard was Alexei, a wiseguy with a penchant for jokingly playing his character as some sort of master of sexual prowess. Now the head wizard is Tabyathe, who does a fine job, no more, no less.

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