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The Finn group Future Crew was one of the big names in the demoscene in the early-mid 90's. Their major demos, Unreal, Panic, and Second Reality are still considered some of the best examples of graphics hacks around. In addition, they released a few minor intros, a diskmag, and a few musicdisks.


Productions (not including songs/pics released by individual members):

What happened to Future Crew?
Not too long after the release of Second Reality after Assembly '93, some members were grabbed by school, jobs, or the compulsory military service. Some of them were involved in creating a 3D accelerator chip named Pyramid3D that never hit the market. Some of them formed Remedy Entertainment (http://www.remedy.fi/), which created the game Max Payne (recently released). These days, Skaven and Purple Motion have artist pages on MP3.com at http://artists.mp3s.com/artists/88/skaven.html and http://artists.mp3s.com/artists/41/purple_motion.html, respectively.

To check out their work, look at ftp://ftp.scene.org/pub/demos/groups/future_crew/. If your memory is better than mine and I have erred, please /msg me -- while I did turn up some of this with net searches, large hunks of this are from my cobweb-filled memory.

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