I am a Mechanical Engineering student at Carnegie Mellon University. Upon my first class, taught by Professor Jonathan Wickert, I realized just what is in store for me. Professor Wickert had several slides to show the prosective engineers just what mecanical engineers do. One such slide showed an ant picking up a gear that was 200 microns wide. That is just twice the width of a human hair.

Professor Wickert instilled on us just how small, just how fast, just how amazing today's technology is. Today's engineers can design the Boeing 777 completely on computers, put it together with an error of .01% between each section, and have it certified to fly overseas. Today's engineers can make incredibly small gears with such precision that anything is possible. That pretty much amazed me, and it renewed my fervor in wanting to be an engineer.

Professor Wickert left us with one last thought before the class was over. He reminded us of just how small projects are becoming. Trailblazing into nanotechnology has left many with a sense of wonder. "Imagine what kind of lecture I'll be giving in 20 years...in 10 years...next year."

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