Also, in the Portland, OR area, Guerilla Theatre of the Absurd. A group based out of Reed College that takes theatrical antics to the street. Past actions have included rededicated Elliot Hall to one of Portland's richest businessmen and circulating pamphlets calling for a ban on Dihydrogen Oxide.

The Glorantha Trading Association, a charitable organisation set up to sponsor the publication of the Hero Wars roleplaying game. Fresh from having lost a key product in a stupid gamble, Greg left Chaosium and set up Issaries Inc. to publish a new Gloranthan RPG. Having checked the options, he felt that the only practical option was an appeal to the fans to fund it. So the GTA was formed, he raised the initial stake, and published Hero Wars. The GTA still meet up for a group hug and a free beer at any Glorantha convention that Greg can make it to.

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