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Gaea's Blessing is an uncommon two mana green sorcery card from Magic: The Gathering. At the time of this writing, it has been printed in the following sets with art by Rebecca Guay, except for the Dominaria version which has new art by David Palumbo:

The card contains no flavor text, and the new art appears to pay homage to the Guay original.

Gaea's Blessing allows a player to shuffle up to three target cards from their own graveyard into their library, and to draw a card. Even if no cards are returned to the target player's graveyard, the library still gets shuffled (which can be its own blessing or curse). One may target themself or another player. Additionally, if Gaea's Blessing is put into one's graveyard from one's library instead of from play, one shuffles all the cards in that graveyard into their library, including all cards that entered the graveyard along with Gaea's Blessing. This action provides recovery from being milled.

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