'Galaxip' was the name of the player's ship from the classic arcade game Galaxian; the plural and singular form of the name were exactly the same. It was only seen from above, and from that aspect it resembled Star Trek's Enterprise, although with a red, arrowhead-shaped saucer section. Curiously, the Galaxip seen in the 'extra lives' counter were of a slightly different design to the main ship.

The Galaxip's weaponry consisted of a sixteen pixel long yellow line which - through a mechanism which was not explained - could only be reloaded once the previous round had either left the screen or impacted on an alien. Performance seemed to consist of a single constant forward speed with rather cumbersome tracking to the left and right; presumably a great volume of propellant was stored within the Galaxip, as when the ship impacted an alien or one of their projectiles, the Galaxip exploded in a spectacular fireball.

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